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11-Mar-2019Coordination-induced emission enhancement in gold-nanoclusters with solid-state quantum yields up to 40% for eco-friendly, low-reabsorption nano-phosphorsHuang, Hsiu-Ying; Cai, Kun-Bin; Talite, Maria Jessabel; Chou, Wu-Ching; Chen, Po-Wen; Yuan, Chi-Tsu; 電子物理學系; Department of Electrophysics
1-Jan-2018Effects of Backchannel Passivation on Electrical Behavior of Hetero-Stacked a-IWO/IGZO Thin Film TransistorsLiu, Po-Tsun; Chang, Chih-Hsiang; Kuo, Po-Yi; Chen, Po-Wen; 光電工程學系; Department of Photonics
1-Jan-2018FINITE ELEMENT MODELING OF ELECTROMAGNETIC-COILS TARGETING SYSTEM FOR LOCATING DISTAL SCREW-HOLE IN INTRAMEDULLARY INTERLOCKING-NAIL SURGERYCheng, Ya-Wen; Chen, Po-Wen; Wong, Tze-Hong; Chen, Chin-Chung; Hsu, Wensyang; Chung, Tien-Kan; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
1-Jan-2018Heterostructured ferromagnet-topological insulator with dual-phase magnetic propertiesChang, Shu-Jui; Chuang, Pei-Yu; Chong, Cheong-Wei; Chen, Yu-Jung; Huang, Jung-Chun Andrew; Chen, Po-Wen; Tseng, Yuan-Chieh; 材料科學與工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
1-Dec-2017A magnetic-piezoelectric smart material-structure sensing three axis DC and AC magnetic-fieldsHung, Chiao-Fang; Chen, Chin-Chung; Yeh, Po-Chen; Chen, Po-Wen; Chung, Tien-Kan; 機械工程學系; 國際半導體學院; Department of Mechanical Engineering; International College of Semiconductor Technology
18-Sep-2019Pulse-Driven Nonvolatile Perovskite Memory with Photovoltaic Read-Out CharacteristicsChang, Shu-Jui; Chen, Syuan-Ye; Chen, Po-Wen; Huang, Szu-Jung; Tseng, Yuan-Chieh; 交大名義發表; 材料科學與工程學系; National Chiao Tung University; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
29-Oct-2018Realization of an H-2/CO dual-gas sensor using CoPd magnetic structuresLiang, Jaw-Yeu; Chou, Yu-Jun; Yin, Chiao-Wen; Lin, Wen-Chin; Lin, Hong-Ji; Chen, Po-Wen; Tseng, Yuan-Chieh; 材料科學與工程學系; 加速器光源科技與應用學位學程; Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Master and Ph.D. Program for Science and Technology of Accelrrator Light Source
1-Nov-2018Superparamagnetic ground state of CoFeB/MgO magnetic tunnel junction with dual-barrierThanh-Nga Tran; Tu-Ngoc Lam; Yang, Chao-Yao; Lin, Wen-Chin; Chen, Po-Wen; Tseng, Yuan-Chieh; 材料科學與工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
15-Aug-2018Tailor magnetic order and spin-polarized gap states of opto-spintronic compounds by carrier mediationYang, Chao-Yao; Chiu, Yi-Hsuan; Tsai, Kai-An; Hsu, Hua-Shu; Lin, Jun-Xiao; Ho, Pei-Jung; Chen, Po-Wen; Hsu, Yung-Jung; Tseng, Yuan-Chieh; 材料科學與工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
2016低溫非晶態鎢摻雜氧化銦薄膜電晶體技術之研究陳柏文; 劉柏村; Chen, Po-Wen; Liu, Po-Tsun; 光電工程研究所