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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1975數據調變器之低頻率帶通濾波器的設計與製造賴倍偉; Bei-Wey Lai
Jul-1975Synchronous Machine Modeling For Automatic Control Theorem沈中益; Chung-Yi Shen
Jul-1975The Inexpensive Repetitively Pulsed CO2 Laser黃廣志; 李大為; 張一蕃; K.C.Huang; David Lee; I.F.Chang
Jul-1975The Annealing and the Hysterisis Effects of Au+ Implanted MOS Structures陳龍英; Long-Ing Chen
Jul-1975Generalized Ic vs VBE Characteristics of Bipolar Transistors吳慶源; 楊洛; Ching-Yuan Wu; Rock Young
Jul-1975Optimal Output Control of Linear Regulator Systems with Some Inaccessible States劉清田; Ching-Tien Liou
Jul-1975Stability Equation Method,Part I:The General Principle蔡義從; 韓光渭; Y.T.Tsay; K.W.Han
Jul-1975Josephson Junction之力學類比實驗研究朱邦彥; Pang-Yan Chu
Jul-1975The Elimination of Noise by the Optic Duplex Modulation黃廣志; Kuang-Chih Huang
Jul-1975New Identities on the Riemann Tensor鄭國順; Kuo-Shung Cheng
Jul-1975Effects of Energy-Band Structures on Longitudinal Magnetoacoustic Phenomena in Bismuth吳啟宗; 蔡健三; 吳仲湛; C.C.Wu; J.Tsai; C.C.Wu
Jul-1975Calculation of Electron Mobility in High Fields by Path Integral Method吳慶源; Ching-Yuan Wu
Jul-1975Stability Equation Method,Part II:Computation Routines for Solving Polynomial Equations with Complex Coefficients蔡義從; 韓光渭; Y.T.Tsay; K.W.Han
Jul-1975Exact Analytic Solutions of Classical Free Gauge Field Equation鄭國順; Kuo-Shung Cheng
Jul-1975Kinetic Studies and Developments of Quick Assay for Glucose Isomerase劉清田; 李維銘; 范榮輝; C.T.Liou; W.M.Lee; R.H.Fann
Jul-1975Synthesis of Transfer Function Using Active RC Circuits鄧清政; Ching-Cheng Teng
Jul-1975A Relay-Tree Method for Simplifying Boolean Functions羅浩榮; Hao-Yung Lo
Jul-1975On Conjugate Banach Spaces with the Radon-Nikodym Property郭滄海; Tsang-Hai Kuo
Jul-1975Charge Transfer and Storage in MAOS Structures陳茂傑; Mao-Chieh Chen
Mar-1974On Chiao Tung University's Laser Holographic System黃廣志; 吳國誠; K.C.Huang; K.C.Wu
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 121
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