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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jan-2015Cisplatin-selected resistance is associated with increased motility and stem-like properties via activation of STAT3/Snail axis in atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor cellsLiu, Wei-Hsiu; Chen, Ming-Teh; Wang, Mong-Lien; Lee, Yi-Yen; Chiou, Guang-Yuh; Chien, Chian-Shiu; Huang, Pin-I; Chen, Yi-Wei; Huang, Ming-Chao; Chiou, Shih-Hwa; Shih, Yang-Hsin; Ma, Hsin-I; 生物科技學院; College of Biological Science and Technology
1-Jan-2015Development of nordihydroguaiaretic acid derivatives as potential multidrug-resistant selective agents for cancer treatmentHuang, Lin-Chiang Sherlock; Chuang, Hong; Kapoor, Mohit; Hsieh, Cheng-Ying; Chou, Shih-Ching; Lin, Hui-Hsien; Chen, Yi-Wei; Chang, Chia-Ching; Hwu, Jih-Ru; Liang, Yu-Chuan; Hsu, Ming-Hua; 生物科技學系; Department of Biological Science and Technology
1-Jan-2018DIABETIC RETINOPATHY DETECTION BASED ON DEEP CONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORKSChen, Yi-Wei; Wu, Tung-Yu; Wong, Wing-Hung; Lee, Chen-Yi; 電子工程學系及電子研究所; Department of Electronics Engineering and Institute of Electronics
12-Dec-2013Epigenetic Regulation of the miR142-3p/Interleukin-6 Circuit in GlioblastomaChiou, Guang-Yuh; Chien, Chian-Shiu; Wang, Mong-Lien; Chen, Ming-Teh; Yang, Yi-Ping; Yu, Yung-Luen; Chien, Yueh; Chang, Yun-Ching; Shen, Chiung-Chyi; Chio, Chung-Ching; Lu, Kai-Hsi; Ma, Hsin-I; Chen, Kuan-Hsuan; Liu, Dean-Mo; Miller, Stephanie A.; Chen, Yi-Wei; Huang, Pin-I; Shih, Yang-Hsin; Hung, Mien-Chie; Chiou, Shih-Hwa; 材料科學與工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
1-Jan-2014A Fast-Locking All-Digital Phase Locked Loop in 90nm CMOS for Gigascale SystemsChen, Yi-Wei; Hong, Hao-Chiao; 電機資訊學士班; Undergraduate Honors Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
18-Aug-2017Musashi-1 Enhances Glioblastoma Cell Migration and Cytoskeletal Dynamics through Translational Inhibition of Tensin3Chen, Hsiao-Yun; Lin, Liang-Ting; Wang, Mong-Lien; Laurent, Benoit; Hsu, Chih-Hung; Pan, Chih-Ming; Jiang, Wan-Ru; Chen, Pau-Yuan; Ma, Hsin-I; Chen, Yi-Wei; Huang, Pin-I; Chiou, Arthur; Chiou, Shih-Hwa; 分子醫學與生物工程研究所; Institute of Molecular Medicine and Bioengineering
2011一個快速鎖定460.1MHz至6.177GHz之全數位式鎖相迴路的設計陳逸瑋; Chen, Yi-Wei; 洪浩喬; Hong, Hao-Chiao; 電控工程研究所