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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2011An Analysis of Extinction Coefficients of Particles and Water Moisture in the Stack after Flue Gas Desulfurization at a Coal-Fired Power PlantTu, Wen-Fu; Lin, Jenn-Der; Wu, Yee-Lin; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
1-Jan-2010Influence of liquid hydrophobicity and nozzle passage curvature on microfluidic dynamics in a drop ejection processLai, Jr-Ming; Huang, Chang-Yan; Chen, Chih-Hao; Kung Linliu; Lin, Jenn-Der; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
1-Jul-2010Numerical investigation of the effect of a transducer pulse on the microfluidic control of a piezoelectric printheadLai, Jr-Ming; Lin, Jenn-Der; Kung Linliu; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
1-Jan-1990Transient Combined Conduction and Radiation with Anisotropic ScatteringTsai, Jen-Hui; Lin, Jenn-Der; 機械工程學系; Department of Mechanical Engineering
1996具表面化學反應垂直通道之熱流場及濃度場分析翁世青; Wang, Shih-Ching; 林振德; Lin, Jenn-Der; 機械工程學系
2011燃煤發電廠中排煙脫硫之不透光率研究凃文福; Tu, Wen-Fu; 林振德; Lin, Jenn-Der; 機械工程學系
1996紅外線加熱乾燥多孔性圓管之熱質傳分析王家增; Wang, Chia-Tseng; 林振德; Lin, Jenn-Der; 機械工程學系
1998紅外線熱輻射加熱高分子/水溶液乾燥過程的熱質傳分析陳志堅; Chen, Jyh-Jian; 林振德; Lin, Jenn-Der; 機械工程學系
2010表面親疏水性與毛細效應對Y 字型微流道中流體流動與包覆氣泡現象影響之研究黃文錚; Huang, Wen-Jeng; 林振德; Lin, Jenn-Der; 機械工程學系
2008重力與表面親疏水性對薄膜加熱器熱氣泡成長行為影響之實驗分析藍順隆; Lan, Shun-Lung; 林振德; Lin, Jenn-Der; 機械工程學系
2009驅動訊號波形、噴孔幾何參數與噴孔流道親疏水性對噴墨頭液滴噴射行為影響之研究賴志銘; Lai, Jr-Ming; 林振德; Lin, Jenn-Der; 機械工程學系