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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Feb-2017Haptoglobin expression correlates with tumor differentiation and five-year overall survival rate in hepatocellular carcinomaTai, Chun-San; Lin, Yan-Ren; Teng, Tsung-Han; Lin, Ping-Yi; Tu, Siang-Jyun; Chou, Chih-Hung; Huang, Ya-Rong; Huang, Wei-Chih; Weng, Shun-Long; Huang, Hsien-Da; Chen, Yao-Li; Chen, Wen Liang; 交大名義發表; 生物科技學系; 生物資訊及系統生物研究所; 分子醫學與生物工程研究所; National Chiao Tung University; Department of Biological Science and Technology; Institude of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology; Institute of Molecular Medicine and Bioengineering
4-Oct-2013The Post-Resuscitative Urinalysis Associate the Survival of Patients with Non-Traumatic Out-of-Hospital Cardiac ArrestChang, Chin-Fu; Li, Chao-Jui; Ko, Chih-Jan; Teng, Tsung-Han; Lai, Shih-Chang; Yang, Mei-Chueh; Chiu, Chun-Wen; Chou, Chu-Chung; Chang, Chih-Yu; Yao, Yung-Chiao; Wu, Lan-Hsin; Wu, Han-Ping; Chen, Wen-Liang; Lin, Yan-Ren; 生物科技學系; Department of Biological Science and Technology
1-Sep-2013Predictors of survival and neurologic outcomes in children with traumatic out-of-hospital cardiac arrest during the early postresuscitative periodLin, Yan-Ren; Wu, Han-Ping; Chen, Wen-Liang; Wu, Kuan-Han; Teng, Tsung-Han; Yang, Mei-Chueh; Chou, Chu-Chung; Chang, Chin-Fu; Li, Chao-Jui; 生物科技學系; Department of Biological Science and Technology
23-Jun-2016Single-Tube Reaction Using Perfluorocarbons: A Prerequisite Step Leading to the Whole-Slide In Situ Technique on Histopathological SlidesChen, Yi-Chang; Teng, Tsung-Han; Tsai, Jane S. -C.; Huang, Hsien-Da; Chang, Yih-Leong; Liang, Cher-Wei; 分子醫學與生物工程研究所; Institute of Molecular Medicine and Bioengineering
1-Jan-2014Tamoxifen induces apoptosis through cancerous inhibitor of protein phosphatase 2A-dependent phospho-Akt inactivation in estrogen receptor-negative human breast cancer cellsLiu, Chun-Yu; Hung, Man-Hsin; Wang, Duen-Shian; Chu, Pei-Yi; Su, Jung-Chen; Teng, Tsung-Han; Huang, Chun-Teng; Chao, Ting-Ting; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Shiau, Chung-Wai; Tseng, Ling-Ming; Chen, Kuen-Feng; 生物科技學系; Department of Biological Science and Technology