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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jul-2006Dibenzothiophene/oxide and quinoxaline/pyrazine derivatives serving as electron-transport materialsHuang, Tai-Hsiang; Whang, Wha-Tzong; Shen, Jiun Yi; Wen, Yuh-Sheng; Lin, Jiann T.; Ke, Tung-Huei; Chen, Li-Yin; Wu, Chung-Chih; 材料科學與工程學系; Department of Materials Science and Engineering
1-Jul-2012Effects of Mechanical Strains on the Characteristics of Top-Gate Staggered a-IGZO Thin-Film Transistors Fabricated on Polyimide-Based Nanocomposite SubstratesLin, Chang-Yu; Chien, Chih-Wei; Wu, Chung-Chih; Yeh, Yung-Hui; Cheng, Chun-Cheng; Lai, Chih-Ming; Yu, Ming-Jiue; Leu, Chyi-Ming; Lee, Tzong-Ming; 交大名義發表; National Chiao Tung University
11-Mar-2011Multifunctional red phosphorescent bis-cyclometallated iridium complexes based on 2-phenyl-1,2,3-benzotriazole ligand and carbazolyl moietiesMalinauskas, Tadas; Daskeviciene, Maryte; Kazlauskas, Karolis; Su, Hai-Ching; Grazulevicius, Juozas Vidas; Jursenas, Saulius; Wu, Chung-Chih; Getautis, Vytautas; 照明與能源光電研究所; Institute of Lighting and Energy Photonics
2010Solid-State Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells Based on Cationic Transition Metal Complexes for White Light GenerationSu, Hai-Ching; Wong, Ken-Tsung; Wu, Chung-Chih; 照明與能源光電研究所; Institute of Lighting and Energy Photonics
2010Solid-state light-emitting electrochemical cells employing phosphor-sensitized fluorescenceSu, Hai-Ching; Lin, You-Heng; Chang, Chih-Hao; Lin, Hao-Wu; Wu, Chung-Chih; Fang, Fu-Chuan; Chen, Hsiao-Fan; Wong, Ken-Tsung; 照明與能源光電研究所; Institute of Lighting and Energy Photonics