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dc.contributor.author蔡文祥 zh_TW
dc.identifier.govdocMOST103-2218-E009-020 zh_TW
dc.description.abstract隨著智慧型手機和平板電腦的技術與市場的發展成熟,各種智慧型穿戴式裝置成為下一個資通訊 產業的發展趨勢,其中智慧眼鏡以其應用廣泛性最吸引全世界之注目。Google 在2013 發表的Google Glass 雖然尚未正式上市(只在全世界發售少量實驗性產品),但由於其在生活上的應用廣泛,已獲普遍 期待,各大廠亦皆亦步亦趨,積極發展中。有鑑於此,本整合計畫擬以智慧眼鏡為發展平台,從事「穿 戴式智慧眼鏡之客製化設計與生活化智慧性應用」之研究(A Study on Custom Design of Intelligent Glasses and Applications for Daily Life),希望除了可以在目前話題不斷的智慧型應用軟體開發領域積極 佈局,也希望能夠聚焦探討目前尚未充分整合各種平台元件的互動功能,以期跳脫現有競爭模式,領 先開發更前瞻的進階應用功能,而能有效提升我國智慧眼鏡技術研發與相關產業之國際競爭力。 一個好的技術與產業發展架構應包括硬體與軟體之開發,因此,本整合計畫包括智慧眼鏡之設計 與應用功能之研究。在設計方面,因為需配合上述前瞻的進階應用功能,眼鏡之規格要求會因使用者 而有明顯差異(如鏡架樣式與大小),以期獲得配戴舒適、互動穩定之體驗,因此強調「客製化」鏡架 設計與校正技術之研究;而應用方面顯然須著重日常使用方便,因此強調「生活化智慧性」應用技術 之研究。 簡言之,本計畫除了致力於開發生活化之穿戴式眼鏡之創新應用功能,並且以電腦視覺為核心技 術,提升各種應用功能之智慧特性,以及更為人性化之配戴與使用體驗。以此,本整合計畫將整個工 作劃分為四個子計畫,分別為: (1) 子計畫一:穿戴式智慧眼鏡的校正與試鏡架之設計; (2) 子計畫二:利用Google Glass 做室內外真實場景的即時AR 導覽; (3) 子計畫三:基於Google Glass 之個人多媒體日記之建構; (4) 子計畫四:穿戴式智慧眼鏡應用於運動健身之自我學習與訓練。 zh_TW
dc.description.abstractWith the remarkable advance in the technology as well as the maturity of the market of smart phones and tablet computers, the development of various intelligent wearable devices has become an emerging trend for the next-generation information and communication industry, among which Google Glass attracts worldwide attention due to its diversity of applications. Though not officially launched, Google Glass, which was released in 2013, has received optimistic expectations globally due to its diverse applications for daily life, and several business majors have been devoted to this topic. Accordingly, this 2-year integrated project, “A Study on Custom Design of Intelligent Glass and Applications for Daily Life,” aims to use Google Glass as the development platform for software development of intelligent applications, and to explore new research fields for in-depth integration of functional units of the platform, so as to avoid world-wide competitions and to promote the international competitiveness of domestic industries. An excellent framework for developing techniques and industries should cover both hardware and software. Hence, this integrated project involves both the design of intelligent glasses and the development of application functions. To cater to the aforementioned system integration, the glass specification will be designed to fit individual users to yield good user experience, such as wearing comfortability and interaction stability. Thus, “customization” for the design of glass frames and the research on calibration techniques are emphasized. For the aspect of applications, convenience in daily usage is of vital importance, so the research on application technology for the “living intelligence” is focused. In summary, this project not only endeavors to explore novel applications of wearable intelligent glasses in daily life, but also to enhance the level of intelligence based on computer vision techniques for better human-centered wearing and operating experience. Thus, this integrated project consists of four sub-projects, including: (1) Sub-project 1: Calibration and Trial Frame Design for Wearable Intelligent Glasses. (2) Sub-project 2: Augmented Reality-based Real-time Guidance of Indoor and Outdoor On-site Scenes Using Google Glass. (3) Sub-project 3: Construction of Personal Multimedia Diaries Based on Google Glass. (4) Sub-project 4: Self-Learning and Training in Sports Exercise Using Wearable Intelligent Glasses. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship科技部 zh_TW
dc.subject試鏡架設計 zh_TW
dc.subjectIntelligent lifeen_US
dc.subjectwearable devicesen_US
dc.subjectGoogle Glassen_US
dc.subjectcomputer visionen_US
dc.subjecttrial frame design en_US
dc.title穿戴式智慧眼鏡之客製化設計與生活化智慧性應用( I )zh_TW
dc.titleA Study on Custom Design of Intelligent Glasses and Applications for Daily Life( I )en_US
dc.contributor.department國立交通大學資訊工程學系(所) zh_TW
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