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dc.contributor.author黃興進 zh_TW
dc.identifier.govdocNSC98-2410-H009-062-MY2 zh_TW
dc.description.abstract本計畫主要有四項目的,分別為:1)探討國內行動銀行的應用現況;2)確 認影響民眾採用「行動銀行」的關鍵因素;3)確認銀行建置「行動銀行」的關 鍵因素;以及4)整合銀行及民眾的觀點,提出完整的「行動銀行」建置及採用 模式。本計畫為兩年計畫,第一年採用問卷調查法來進行,研究母體為國內行動 銀行的潛在使用者,研究對象為大學碩士在職專班學生,所蒐集的資料將分別以 敘述性統計、因素分析和結構方程模式來確認影響民眾採用「行動銀行」的關鍵 因素。第二年將採用問卷調查法及個案研究法進行研究,研究母體為國內銀行及 信用合作社,研究對象為資訊部門高階主管,將採用敘述性統計、因素分析法及 區別分析法確認銀行建置「行動銀行」的關鍵因素,之後再挑選具代表性的金控 公司一家進行個案研究,以加強前述驗證之結果。最後將整合民眾及銀行觀點, 提出行動銀行建置及採用完整模式。 zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this project is fourfold. The first purpose is to identify the current status of the application of Mobile Banking (M-Banking) in Taiwan. The second purpose is to identify the critical factors affecting the adoption of M-Banking from the potential customers’perspectives. The third purpose is to identify the critical factors affecting the establishment of M-Banking for banks from the CIO perspectives, and the fourth purpose is to propose a comprehensive model of establishment and adoption of M-Banking based on the previous findings. This research project will be carried out in two years. In the first year, survey methodology will be utilized, and the population is the potential M-Banking users, and the subjects include students of EMBA in several major universities according to the results of random sampling. Questionnaires will be mailed to these students. The collected data will be analyzed by utilizing descriptive statistics, factor analysis, and Structural Equation Modeling to identify the critical factors affecting the adopting of M-Banking for bank customers. The second year will accomplish the first, the third and the fourth purpose of this project by utilizing survey methodology and case study. The population is the domestic banks in Taiwan and the subjects include directors of Information System Departments. Questionnaires will be mailed to these banks. Factor analysis and discriminant analysis technique will be utilized to identify the critical factors affecting the establishment of M-Banking for banks. In-depth structured interview with the director of Information System Departments of one financial holding company will be used to validate those findings. Finally, a comprehensive model for the establishment and adoption of M-Banking integrating both the viewpoints of banks and its customers will be proposed. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship行政院國家科學委員會 zh_TW
dc.subject銀行核心系統 zh_TW
dc.subjectMobile Bankingen_US
dc.subjectCore Banking Systems en_US
dc.titleCritical Factors Affecting the Establishment of M-Bankingen_US
dc.contributor.department國立交通大學資訊管理與財務金融學系 zh_TW
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