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dc.contributor.authorChen, An-Pinen_US
dc.contributor.authorHuang, Szu-Haoen_US
dc.description.abstract近年來,資訊科技(Information Technology, IT)產業已經成為帶動全球經濟成長的主要動力,而台灣資訊軟體服務產業發展至今,在許多環境與政策等相關因素影響下,雖有30 多年來各重點產業的發展經驗與智慧,但由於產業內公司規模普遍較小,仍無法邁入世界級的資訊軟體服務產業行列,當遭遇大型跨國企業競爭時常處於劣勢。不只是資訊軟體服務產業,在金融海嘯造成全球性的經濟衰退,以及美國總統川普高舉保護主義的大旗,再再都使台灣多數產業均面臨嚴峻挑戰,在如此困難的大環境中,台灣產業於征戰國際商業戰場面對強勁的對手時,如何以小搏大、以弱勝強? 在現今競爭激烈的商業環境中,我們經常使用Michael E. Porter。五力分析以及運用SWOT分析,有效率地描述現況與定位問題,但關鍵是如何找到最佳方案來解決問題? 孫子兵法成書2500年以來是歷久彌新的兵學智慧,短短十三篇的著作卻蘊含著「兵法、戰略、策略」的三大結合。商場如戰場將孫子兵法應用於商戰與企業的經營管理上,經營者如何善用依法評估內外部的環境與條件,如何選擇適用的指導方針來為自身創造競爭優勢,在現代激烈的商戰中取得勝利? 本論文以成立於台灣的S公司為例,研究當S公司身處於一個競爭非常激烈的IT系統規劃國際標案時,S公司相較於各個參與競標的跨國大型公司競標對手,無論在規模、知名度、經驗差異懸殊,相當於是小蝦米遇大鯨魚毫無勝算,連客戶都勸S公司放棄投標的情況下,如何運用孫子兵法的兵學智慧,來為自身創造競爭優勢,不墨守成規、策略運用得宜,發揮《孫子兵法》中「以正合,以奇勝」的策略精神,最終達到以小搏大、以弱勝強、逆轉致勝的真實案例。 通過本論文案例的探討與其他諸多案例的實證,中國古代智慧之兵學聖典《孫子兵法》,再再證明它可以提供許多解決現代企業競爭與經營問題的最佳解答,瞭解及善加運用孫子兵法的智慧以創造競爭優勢,讓它助您的企業經營邁向勝利成功之路。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractIn past decades, the information technology industry has become one of main driving force to the global economic; Taiwan is also in the case. Since the environment and policy is different. Many IT company in Taiwan is still a small and medium-sized enterprise. Some of these companies has have even operated over 30 years. These companies could have great experience and skill in the field, but less famous. As the result, they are often at a disadvantage when encounter the competition from large enterprises. In the competitive business environment nowadays, we use Porter’s five forces analysis and SWOT analysis to characterize and clarify the problem. However, the question is still unsolved, how to find the best solution? The book “The Art of War”, an ancient Chinese military treatise written by Sun in 5th century BC, elaborates Sun’s thinking of strategy. In modern business many manager utilize those thinking to create the advantage and defeat the weakness. This thesis takes a Taiwanese company as an example. It participated a bid in which many top-class multinational corporations were invited. Regardless of company size, celebrated or the experience, this Taiwanese company was considered no chance to win. However, it utilized an unexpected strategy won the final game. As it wrote in The Art of War: “In all fighting, the direct method may be used for joining battle, but indirect methods will be needed in order to secure victory.” In this case, this company use an indirect tactic to win the battle, which is a David and Goliath contest, in the real business war. This thesis figure out the true meaning of The Art of War using case study. It demonstrate how Sun’s thinking and wisdom works in the real world. With understanding of The Art of War, it would become the stepping-stone to success.en_US
dc.subjectInformation Technologyen_US
dc.subjectThe Art of Waren_US
dc.subjectCompetitive Advantageen_US
dc.title以孫子兵法論述在商戰中如何以弱勝強的競爭策略之個案研究 ─以S公司為例zh_TW
dc.titleA Study of Sun-Tzu Art of War on Successful Business Competitive Strategies to Win from Weakness - A Case Study of Company Sen_US
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