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dc.contributor.authorChe-Hua Hsuen_US
dc.contributor.authorChun-Sheng Chenen_US
dc.description.abstract負壓動物舍為一符合生物安全的建築空間,提供已感染致病原之動物實驗,或尚未確定影響程度而有感染疑慮(例如基因改造)的動物實驗環境。動物舍的整體性能表現除了影響實驗結果的正確性外,對於實驗操作人員的安全及大環境生物安全的維護更為重要。負壓動物舍操作中,除應穿戴合適的個人防護工具及遵守標準作業程序外,建築物結構體與機電空調及各項實驗設備,肩負著二級防護的重任。 空調系統為負壓動物舍生物安全防護中最重要之一環,其性能表現對於負壓動物舍的實驗成果有絕對的影響。本研究首先探討負壓動物舍施工階段可能遭遇的問題,藉由實例說明,分析其可能造成的影響,並嘗試提出解決方案及建議,提供工程人員施工前準備與遭遇工程問題時參考之用。因為動物舍負壓值的變化因素極多,所以在試車調整階段較為複雜且困難,各種性能數據有不同程度的關連性,無法根據單一因素調整,必須分析整體數據,提出完整的調整方案。 2004年9月由衛生署疾病管制局頒佈的「生物安全第三等級實驗室安全規範」第1.0版,提供了實驗室系統設施規範與整體實驗室的測試程序,但測試程序的繁瑣與使用的精密測試儀器,在工程完工前測試調整階段執行極為不便且耗時。本研究採用簡化後的測試方式與儀器,在試車調整階段節省了許多時間,本測試結果與公正單位之測試結果相較,可信度極高,所提出方案在環境品質監視的可應用性更廣。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe negative pressure animal house is built to biosafety standards. It provides the environment for infected animal experiments and unsure the degree of influence confirmed infected animal experiments environment of the influence degree (such as genetically modified organisms) yet. The performance of animal houses not only could influence the accuracy of the experimental results, but also could protect the researchers’ safety and maintain the great environmental security of living beings. In Negative pressure animal houses, staff should dress in appropriate protection suits and follow standard operating procedures. In addition, the building structure, electromechanical, air conditioner, and experimental facilities should meet the secondary barriers. HVAC, one of the most important biosafety protections in negative pressure animal houses, would absolutely impact on the experimental results. This study is aimed to explore the possible problems of constructing in the negative pressure animal house. A real case is utilized to illustrate the possible potential impact and the proper solutions. It could be as a reference for the project personnel while preparing for installation and confronting the challenges.Because there are many factors of negative pressure values in animal houses, it is relatively complex and difficult during the course of taking a trial run and adjusting. Various kinds of performance are related to various degrees. It is impossible to adjust without analyzing the complete data. “Guide for the Biosafety of BSL-3 Laboratory 1.0-Edition” was issued by Center for Disease Control, Department of Health, in September of 2004. It demonstrates the regulations for laboratory facilities and test procedures. However, the test procedures are tedious and need to use the precise testing equipments. It takes a lot of time in testing and adjustment phase before the project is completed. This research simplifies the test steps and instruments. It saves a lot of time during the course of taking a trial run and adjusting.The testing data, comparing with the published data by the neutral organization, is reliable. The proposed solution could be widely utilized in environmental quality monitoring.en_US
dc.subjectnegative pressureen_US
dc.subjectanimal houseen_US
dc.subjecttrial run and adjustmenten_US
dc.subjecttesting proceduresen_US
dc.titleThe Study on the Strategy of Trial Run and Adjustment,Testing Procedures for Negative Pressure Animal Housesen_US
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