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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-2016Cofacial Versus Coplanar Arrangement in Centrosymmetric Packing Dimers of Dipolar Small Molecules: Structural Effects on the Crystallization Behaviors and Optoelectronic CharacteristicsChou, Shu-Hua; Kang, Hao-Wei; Chang, Shu-Ting; Wu, Kuan-Yi; Bazan, Guillermo C.; Wang, Chien-Lung; Lin, Hong-Lin; Chang, Jung-Hao; Lin, Hao-Wu; Huang, Yu-Ching; Tsao, Cheng-Si; Wong, Ken-Tsung; 應用化學系; Department of Applied Chemistry
1-Feb-2020Current-Aware Flash Scheduling for Current Capping in Solid State DisksChang, Li-Pin; Cheng, Chia-Hsiang; Chang, Shu-Ting; Chou, Po-Han; 資訊工程學系; Department of Computer Science
5-Aug-2015A Facile PDMS-Assisted Crystallization for the Crystal-Engineering of C-60 Single-Crystal Organic Field-Effect TransistorsWu, Kuan-Yi; Wu, Tzu-Yi; Chang, Shu-Ting; Hsu, Chain-Shu; Wang, Chien-Lung; 應用化學系; Department of Applied Chemistry
1-Jan-2016Flat-on ambipolar triphenylamine/C-60 nano-stacks formed from the self-organization of a pyramid-sphere-shaped amphiphileLiang, Wei-Wei; Huang, Chi-Feng; Wu, Kuan-Yi; Wu, San-Lien; Chang, Shu-Ting; Cheng, Yen-Ju; Wang, Chien-Lung; 應用化學系; Department of Applied Chemistry
1-Jun-2017Increase the risk of intellectual disability in children with scabies: A nationwide population-based cohort studyLiu, Jui-Ming; Hsu, Ren-Jun; Chang, Fung-Wei; Yeh, Chia-Lun; Huang, Chun-Fa; Chang, Shu-Ting; Chiu, Nan-Chang; Chang, Hung-Yang; Chi, Hsin; Lin, Chien-Yu; 生物資訊及系統生物研究所; Institude of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
14-Mar-2018Influences of Conjugation Length on Organic Field-Effect Transistor Performances and Thin Film Structures of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-OligomersHuang, Yi-Fan; Chang, Shu-Ting; Wu, Kuan-Yi; Wu, San-Lien; Ciou, Guan-Ting; Chen, Chin-Yi; Liu, Cheng-Liang; Wang, Chien-Lung; 應用化學系; Department of Applied Chemistry
Nov-2016Influences of Out-Of-Plane Lattice Alignment on the OFET Performance of TIPS-PEN Crystal ArraysWu, Kuan-Yi; Hsieh, Chou-Ting; Wang, Liang-Hsun; Hsu, Chih-Hao; Chang, Shu-Ting; Lan, Shih-Ting; Huang, Yi-Fan; Chen, Yu-Ming; Wang, Chien-Lung; 應用化學系; Department of Applied Chemistry
9-Aug-2016Packing Principles for Donor-Acceptor Oligomers from Analysis of Single CrystalsHuang, Chi-Feng; Wu, San-Lien; Huang, Yi-Fan; Chen, Ying-Chen; Chang, Shu-Ting; Wu, Tzu-Yi; Wu, Kuan-Yi; Chuang, Wei-Tsung; Wang, Chien-Lung; 應用化學系; Department of Applied Chemistry
2015予體-受體共軛分子有機場效電晶體形貌控制與元件表現分析張淑婷; Chang, Shu-Ting; 王建隆; Wang, Chien-Lung; 應用化學系碩博士班
2016情侶分手後關係轉化的經驗內涵張淑婷; 許鶯珠; Chang, Shu-Ting; Hsu, Ying-Ju; 教育研究所