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dc.contributor.author盧廷昌 zh_TW
dc.identifier.govdocMOST103-2622-E009-020-CC3 zh_TW
dc.description.abstract本計畫主要目的在傳統的氮化鎵發光二極體結構上製作週期性結構,並結合表面電漿效應以提高 發光二極體的光萃取效率。我們針對薄膜型光子晶體發光二極體及覆晶型發光二極體結構提出新的設 計概念,主要是在發光二極體結構中加入氧化銦錫與銀薄膜結構,並在銀薄膜表面製作週期性奈米結 構,經過設計後的週期性奈米結構能有效地將光場拘限在氧化銦錫與銀薄膜的界面處並藉由表面電漿 效應以增強光場強度,進而實現高反射、低損失及高萃取效率之發光二極體以應用於照明方面,例如, 戶外照明、投影顯示器及高棚照明等用途。本計畫完成後其成果將有助於台灣提昇發光二極體的設計 能力與產業競爭力。 zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe main purpose of this project is to improve the light extraction of GaN-based LEDs. We propose a novel concept for fabricating the thin film type and flip chip type photonic crystal LEDs. Inserting ITO/Ag thin film into the conventional LED structure and then the periodic nanostructure patterned on the Ag thin film to accomplish the surface plasmon-enhanced photonic crystal LED. The surface periodic nanostructure on the Ag film can achieve large area oscillation and raise the light intensity forming high reflection, low loss, and high light extraction GaN-based LEDs. These novel GaN-based photonic crystal LEDs could be could be applied to outdoor lighting, projection light engine, high-bay illumination, and so on. On the other hand, the development will promote the design capacity and competitiveness of Taiwan in LED industry. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship科技部 zh_TW
dc.subject zh_TW
dc.subject en_US
dc.titleStudy of Novel Photonic Crystal Light Emittersen_US
dc.contributor.department國立交通大學光電工程學系(所) zh_TW
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