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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2018Clonal spread of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii across a community hospital and its affiliated long-term care facilities: A cross sectional studyChen, Chang-Hua; Kuo, Han-Yueh; Hsu, Po-Jui; Chang, Chien-Min; Chen, Jiann-Yuan; Lu, Henry Horng-Shing; Chen, Hsin-Yao; Liou, Ming-Li; 統計學研究所; Institute of Statistics
1-Jul-2014Coordination of production scheduling and delivery problems with heterogeneous fleetLow, Chinyao; Chang, Chien-Min; Li, Rong-Kwei; Huang, Chia-Ling; 工業工程與管理學系; Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
21-Mar-2018The Influence of Annealing Temperature on Amorphous Indium-Zinc-Tungsten Oxide Thin-Film TransistorsFu, Ruofan; Yang, Jianwen; Chang, Wei-Chiao; Chang, Wei-Cheng; Chang, Chien-Min; Lin, Dong; Zhang, Qun; Liu, Po-Tsun; Shieh, Han-Ping D.; 光電工程學系; Department of Photonics
1-Feb-2013Integrated scheduling of production and delivery with time windowsLow, Chinyao; Li, Rong-Kwei; Chang, Chien-Min; 工業工程與管理學系; Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
1-Jan-2018Low Thermal Budget Amorphous Indium Tungsten Oxide Nano-Sheet Junctionless Transistors with Near Ideal Subthreshold SwingKuo, Po-Yi; Chang, Chien-Min; Liu, Po-Tsun; 光電工程學系; Department of Photonics
1-Jan-2015Nanoflaky MnO2/functionalized carbon nanotubes for supercapacitors: an in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopic investigationChang, Han-Wei; Lu, Ying-Rui; Chen, Jeng-Lung; Chen, Chi-Liang; Lee, Jyh-Fu; Chen, Jin-Ming; Tsai, Yu-Chen; Chang, Chien-Min; Yeh, Ping-Hung; Chou, Wu-Ching; Liou, Ya-Hsuan; Dong, Chung-Li; 加速器光源科技與應用學位學程; 電子物理學系; Master and Ph.D. Program for Science and Technology of Accelrrator Light Source; Department of Electrophysics
20-May-2019Two-Dimensional-Like Amorphous Indium Tungsten Oxide Nano-Sheet Junctionless Transistors with Low Operation VoltageKuo, Po-Yi; Chang, Chien-Min; Liu, I-Han; Liu, Po-Tsun; 光電工程學系; 光電工程研究所; Department of Photonics; Institute of EO Enginerring
2017高效能低操作偏壓非晶氧化銦鎢薄膜電晶體之研究張建民; 劉柏村; Chang, Chien-Min; Liu, Po-Tsun; 光電工程研究所