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dc.contributor.authorTARNG JENN-HWANen_US
dc.description.abstract本計畫發展之「智慧型軟體無線電之UWB Ad-Hoc 通信系統」,應具下列功能:(1) 運用『UWB 技術』設計「數位戰士」所需之通信系統,以提供高速、安全、強韌之傳 輸鏈路;(2)藉由『Ad-Hoc 網路』做為適應戰場變化之行動隨意拓樸組網,滿足機動作 戰任務之通信需求。具上述功能之系統,應由四項核心模組組成,茲將本年度之工作項 目分述於下: .. UWB 天線模組 本計畫採用 UHF 頻段,其操作頻寬大於25%在VSWR: 2:1 以滿足UWB 之需求。 首先將研定及分析天線系統需求,並進行天線設計與實作;在來將完成天線模組性能 測試與最佳化,以及天線模組與射頻模組整合測試。 .. UWB 射頻模組 將改進去年的射頻電路模組,其中發射鏈路將增加一級增益級,及射頻濾波器,期 能改進偽頻干擾(spurious signal interference)的問題。整個射頻模組都與基頻模組結 合,確定控制訊號均能有效控制射頻模組所有的元件。 .. UWB 基頻模組 UWB 基頻模組工作目標將包含:(1)建置UWB Ad-Hoc 無線通訊網路之基頻雛形平 台;(2)進行基頻模組與射頻模組之間及基頻模組與MAC 模組之間之介面驗證;(3) 進行全系統效能評估及改善各功能方塊之效能。另外也將訂定SDR 全系統可重置性 系統參數與SDR 全系統可重置性軟硬體平台之建立。 .. Ad-Hoc 無線通信網路模組 設計高效率及低複雜度之混合式 Multicast Ad-Hoc 多重擇路協定,其主要精神根據 節點移動模式同時使用樹狀結構(Tree-based)與網狀結構(Mesh-based)來建立路徑。 此模組中將完成UWB Ad-Hoc 無線通信網路模組用以量測與驗證其系統性能,在計 劃中將建構點對多點(Multicast)之Ad-Hoc 無線通信網路實驗平台,並執行場測驗證。 除了上述核心模組之開發外,在整合方面,本年度預期完成之工作成果,以 UWB Ad-hoc 全系統之整合與測試為主,含(1)各模組之測試與介面整合;(2)超寬頻Ad-hoc 無線通訊全系統軟硬體連測;及(3)多重跳躍式實驗平台效能場測。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractOur proposal is designed to achieve the following goals: (1) Design communication equipments for digital war-fighters based on the ultra wide band (UWB) technique to provide high-speed, secure, and robust data links; and (2) To meet the communication requirements of mobile military operation by means of ad-hoc networking. In this year, four core modules, which complete the system, will be designed, implemented and partly integrated. They are given as following: .. UWB antenna The UWB antenna module in this project will be operated in the UHF band. The operating bandwidth of the UWB antenna will be larger than 25% of the center frequency with a VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) of 2:1 to satisfy the requirement of UWB. In the first stage, we will determine and analyze the system requirements for the antenna module in order to design and implement the UWB Antenna. Then, we will test the antenna module and optimize the performance. Lastly, we integrate the antenna with RF module. .. UWB RF module The subproject will improve last year』s RF module that a gain stage and a RF filter will be added in the transmitting path to improve the spurious signal interference. The frequency, gain, transmit/receive path, and antenna diversity control signals from baseband module will be tested to very the validity. .. UWB baseband module The works of the UWB baseband module includes following parts: (1) Develop a UWB Ad-Hoc wireless communication baseband platform; (2) Verify the baseband/RF and baseband/MAC interfaces; and (3) Evaluate the overall system performance and improve the performances of respective function blocks. The works of the UWB SDR module include two parts: (1) Determine reconfigurable system parameters; and (2) Develop a reconfigurable hardware/software system platform. .. Ad-hoc wireless communications network module A high efficiency and low complexity multicast Ad-Hoc routing protocol will be developed to fulfill the requirement of military usages. The proposed hybrid multicast routing protocol will adjust itself into either tree-based or mesh-based structure depending on the traffic patterns of the mobile nodes. Field tests for both the multi-hop and single-hop scenarios will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed Ad-Hoc routing protocol. Based on the development of above core modules, we will integrate these core modules into the proposed UWB communication system in this year. The working items of system integration are: (1) Testing and integration of interfaces between modules; (2) Hardware/software integration and verification to build up the proposed UWB communication system; (3) Field test of the proposed multicast ad hoc routing protocol.en_US
dc.subjectUltra Wide Banden_US
dc.subjectUWB RF Moduleen_US
dc.subjectUWB Baseband Moduleen_US
dc.subjectUWB Antennaen_US
dc.subjectMobile Ad-Hoc Networken_US
dc.subjectMulticast Ad-Hoc Routing Protocolsen_US
dc.title智慧型軟體無線電UWB Ad Hoc通信系統研究zh_TW
dc.titleDevelopment of SDR(Software-Defined-Radio) UWB(Ultra Wideband) Ad-Hocen_US
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