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dc.contributor.authorLiao, Yi-Shengen_US
dc.contributor.authorChiang, Chien_US
dc.description.abstract近年來國人對於咖啡的需求逐年增加,促使各品牌咖啡館在大街小巷林立,到咖啡店的消費人數越來越多,國人對咖啡的消費頻率有逐漸成長的的趨勢,帶動台灣咖啡市場的蓬勃發展,喝咖啡已成為生活的一部分,形成獨特的咖啡文化。而國內咖啡店之發展現況,則以大規模經營的咖啡連鎖店為主流,形成激烈的競爭面貌。 本研究主要將探討「咖啡連鎖店經營之關鍵成功因素」,以新竹地區八家知名咖啡連鎖店作為調查對象,包括星巴克、85度C、Cama Café、壹咖啡、丹堤咖啡、路易莎咖啡、歐客佬咖啡農場、怡客咖啡,研究的進行是先透過文獻探討及專家調查的方式,建構出與咖啡連鎖店經營相關因素之層級架構包含六項評估構面及三十項評估要素,再採用AHP層級分析法進行研究調查,以各分店之職位為副店長級以上的管理人員為問卷調查對象,彙總出經營咖啡連鎖店時的關鍵成功因素。 依研究結果顯示,其中「企業形象」「商圈選定」兩個構面相對重要並且有九項評估要素的重要性較為顯著依序為:「品牌知名度」、「店前流動人潮」、「顧客滿意度」、「良善財務狀況」、「店長經營能力」、「地理位置優勢」、「目標客層明確」、「產品品質佳」、「連鎖體系規模」,以上項目即可視為本研究主題的關鍵成功因素,期望本研究結果可作為咖啡連鎖店業者經營參考。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractRecently, demand in the coffee market has grown vastly, which urged several famous coffee brands to expand through establishing franchises. As more and more entrepreneurs join the coffee market, customers get more options of coffee nearby, which may improve the convenience for customers to buy a cup of coffee, motivate their willingness to consume coffee, and then it helps build up a sound cycle for the coffee market in Taiwan. Since then, ordering a cup of coffee has become an usual thing in our life, which formed an unique coffee culture. However, the large-scale vendors refuse to be happy to the status quo. And it brings new era of high competition to coffee industry. The purpose of this study is to explore the key factors which lead coffee chain stores to success. This study mainly investigates the factors and performance of eight market-leading coffee chain stores in Hsinchu. Literature review and expert investigation are carried out gradually to build up a hierarchical structure of the coffee chain store operating factors in this industry. We then use the AHP method and design a questionnaire to conduct a survey on the executive in the chain of coffee store,including assistant manager and manager. After AHP analysis, we summarize the key success factors to manage coffee chain stores. According to the results of this study. There are 9 assessment dimensions of its importance that are more significantly include "Brand awareness"," The crowd around Shop ","customer satisfaction”,” Good Financial status”,” Manager’s ability”,” Geography position”,” Target customers”,” Good product quality"," Scale of chain store". There above items can be considered as the key success factors in this study. We hope that the results of this study can be provided to the coffee chain stores as a reference in operation.en_US
dc.subjectCoffee Chain Storesen_US
dc.subjectKey Success Factors (KSF)en_US
dc.subjectAnalytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)en_US
dc.title咖啡連鎖店經營關鍵成功因素 ─以新竹地區為例zh_TW
dc.titleA Study on Key Success Factors of Coffee Chain Stores - A Case Study in Hsinchu Areaen_US
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